La Riviera Pink Bourbon


This offering from Julio Cesar Madrid, has been nitro washed. With high altitudes and volcanic rich soils, this offering boasts watermelon and grape notes and is extremely juicy.

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Julio Madrid Tisnes Finca La Riviera is located within the Risaralda Department in the central foothills of the Andes Mountains of Columbia. A 94 acre farm sitting between 1600-1800 meters above sea level. Senor Madrid’s farm along with two others make up the Tisnes family estate. Winners of multiple awards around the world including the World Barista Championships. La Riviera also hosts many non-traditional varieties, including Gesha, Laurina, Sudan Rume, and a myriad of niche Bourbon strains like Sidra and Rayado.
This Bourbon has been nitro-washed. In the Nitro washed process, ripe cherries are subjected to embryonic stress to allow the cherries’ temperature to rise and fall to within 12 degrees keeping them in the ideal condition for further processing. After pulping, the beans are placed in a bioreactor and inoculated with cultures and fruit must. The bioreactor is then sealed and injected with nitrogen to facilitate the metabolic process of the cultures. Temp, acidity, and other factors are closely monitored during fermentation. After leaving the reactor, the coffee beans are sun dried for 20-25 days.

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