Burn Your Coffee: Sustainable Heating with Coffee Logs

Coffee and campfires are a nice complement to one another, and in a time when sustainability and environmental consciousness are crucial, seeking out creative, sustainable solutions has permeated all areas of our lives, including our coffee. Using your spent Lagunas Coffee grounds, you can create an eco-friendly alternative to traditional firewood and reduce your carbon footprint. Your cozy fire or home heating will feel just a bit warmer, knowing you are doing your part to help our environment.

Beans to Burn: Why Coffee Logs?

Lagunas Coffee is passionate about providing the finest coffees the world has to offer. However, we understand that we must protect this world to keep the coffee growing. Sustainability is part of our mission, and coffee logs are just one of the ways we can work together toward that goal. Using spent coffee grounds (SPGs) you can take the byproduct of your coffee enjoyment and repurpose them into a renewable heating source, both minimizing waste and creating a sustainable alternative to firewood. They are also fun to make with basic ingredients!

Excellent Source of Biomass for Heating

There are many wonderful benefits of using your SPGs to create and use coffee logs. Along with being an environmentally conscious choice, there are other practical benefits as well. Coffee logs recycle coffee waste and give it new life, burn longer and at higher temperatures than kiln-dried firewood, and are smaller and easier to transport, store, and handle. Use the recipe provided to make your own coffee logs to enjoy your coffee twice. 

Making an Impact

With so much SPG waste across the world, using coffee logs contributes to the collective effort toward a cleaner planet. Each cup of your Lagunas Coffee can provide you with enjoyment and a more sustainable future. Though coffee logs may not be allowed in areas with stringent smoke control regulations, they are an excellent option for most of the world. To illustrate, let’s compare the CO2 emissions between coffee logs and other heating sources. The numbers are clear and coffee logs have the clear advantage. But coffee logs are just the beginning. Learn more about how you can use your grounds responsibly at www.groundtoground.org 

Double the Benefit

Making your own coffee logs may seem like a drop in the ocean in terms of moving towards a more sustainable future, however, every small step is still a step in the right direction. Lagunas Coffee is passionate about sustainability, and even our packaging is 100% compostable. So, we hope you will consider joining us in our mission to improve our world through coffee, one way or another! To learn more about our culture of sustainability, visit our culture page, or contact us.

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