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Globally Sourced,
Sustainably Grown

When we say we believe in sustainability, we mean we strive to achieve it in every aspect of our coffee and our company. We believe sustainability means being responsible in our use of resources and the products we offer. Our beans are sourced from farmers across the world who grow their beans using sustainable, ethical, and responsible methods. In addition, our bags and packaging are fully compostable. Once your bag is empty, just remove the tie and valve and compost the rest. Lagunas is passionate about protecting our environment so that future generations can enjoy amazing coffee, just like we can today.

Furthermore, the coffee you chose to drink often comes from countries where extreme poverty and social issues create a market that is volatile, and directly impacts the well-being of farmers in those areas. We make sure our farmers are paid fairly for their work, to foster thriving communities in impoverished areas across the globe. 

Having the finest beans and sourcing them responsibly allows our roastmasters to create single-origin roasts that are truly something special. It also allows us to sleep at night knowing we are doing our part to save the world. Shop our coffees below and experience the difference that is Lagunas Coffee. 

   Coffee Plantation –
 Manizales, Ethiopia

   Coffee Plantation –
 Limon, Costa Rica

   Coffee Plantation –
 Kenya, Africa

   Coffee Park – Parque National del Cafe, Columbia

“I hope there are days when your coffee tastes like magic, your playlist makes you dance, strangers make you smile, and the night sky touches your soul."

- Brooke Hampton

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Coffee Origins

Sourcing beans from multiple countries creates a more sustainable and stable industry less vulnerable to natural disasters, politics, and economic fluctuations. We work with some of the finest growers and are proud to provide you with the finest selections from the following countries. 

Lagunas Coffee Ethiopia Flag


Flavor Profile

Notes of berries, citrus, and floral tones.
Lagunas Coffee Burundi Flag


Flavor Profile

Notes of caramel, chocolate, spice and floral tones.

Lagunas Coffee Costa Rica Flag

Costa Rica

Flavor Profile

Notes of choclate and citrus, with nutty tones.

Lagunas Coffee Panama Flag


Flavor Profile

Notes of citrus, floral, and tropical fruit tones.

Lagunas Coffee Nicaragua Flag


Flavor Profile

Notes of berries, citrus, and floral tones.
Lagunas Coffee Papua New Guinea Flag

Papua New Guinea

Flavor Profile

Notes of chocolate and spice with floral and citrus.

Lagunas Coffee Kenya Africa Flag


Flavor Profile

Notes of berries, citrus, and floral tones.
Lagunas Coffee Brazil Flag


Flavor Profile

Notes of berries, citrus, and floral tones.
Lagunas Coffee Indonesia Flag


Flavor Profile

Notes of spice, wood, and earthy tones.

Travel the World Through Coffee

Lagunas Coffee Compostable Bags Sustainability Green Environment

Compost Your Bag!

Lagunas believes in sustainability so much that we use bags that are fully compostable. When your bag is empty, place it in your regular compost. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of non-compostable waste related to coffee go into landfills every year. Simply by purchasing from Lagunas, you are doing your part to make a difference for our environment that will have lasting benefits.

Seasons of Coffee

Coffee is best when it is fresh. Our single-origin varieties may vary throughout the year. This is to ensure that they taste just the way they should. Learn more about what makes coffee so special. 

Lagunas Coffee Roasters Denver Co Origins Season Harvest
Lagunas Coffee Roasters Denver Co Origins Season Harvest

Brew the Perfect Coffee At Home

Get the most flavor from your Lagunas Coffee as possible. With a little intention, you can bring out the flavor and experience our roasts the way they were meant to be enjoyed. Follow a few simple steps to have exceptional java anytime.

Lagunas Roasters Brew at Home

Don’t underestimate the effect that water will have on the results of your brew. Use a water filtration system or reusable filtered water containers and start things off right. Also, use the proper amount. We recommend one to two tablespoons of grounds per six ounces of water. If possible, maintain a water temperature of 195-205 degrees. 

Whole beans retain their freshness much longer than ground beans. It’s best to purchase a home grinder and grind only what you use. 

Coffee begins to lose its best flavor shortly after brewing. Making smaller amounts will ensure that it tastes as good as it should. 

The condition of your equipment will also be a factor in creating the perfect cup at home. Make sure that your equipment is clean and in good working order. Remove any calcium or hard-water buildup regularly and clean after each use. 

Get More From Your Coffee

After enjoying your Lagunas Coffee, throw the bag and grounds in your compost. Or use the grounds in your garden. Simply sprinkle your used grounds in your garden and around your plants. Used coffee grounds contain nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, and other micronutrients that are fantastic for your plants. 

Lagunas Coffee Roasters Denver Co Sustainable Reuse Grounds Garden

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