Natural Anaerobic Ethiopian Abeba Subscription

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Traditional farming, and organic by default, Guji coffee success is directly related to the area’s magnificent climate and family-run farms. These coffees are selectively hand-picked and upon intake visually inspected for fully ripe cherries. The cherries then go through 12-24 hrs of anaerobic fermentation. At this point, the cherries are laid out to be naturally processed in direct sunlight.

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While Ethiopia remains specialty coffee’s darling for its wide variety of flavors, full traceability has been difficult in the past. Our importers work directly with farmers making their specialty lots completely traceable for our roasters. We love Ethiopian coffee for a number of reasons. The genetic diversity allows for a diversity of flavors along with resistance to pests, the traditional farming methods use no chemical fertilizer or pesticides and of course, the majority of the producers are smallholders. That along with full traceability gives us confidence the family farmers are getting rewarded for their hard work.

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